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Hens Night Out Sydney
Girls having fun at hens night out in Sydney

Want to Go For a Hens Night Out in Sydney?

If you are one of those who is responsible for arranging a hen’s party for your friend before her wedding, you are often spoilt for choice where you cannot often come to a conclusion on how to make the day worthwhile. Whether it is a baking class that you want the entire gang to attend or simply have topless waiters making all of you feel special, we at Jono’s Party bus ensure that the bride and her friends have a memory that stays with them forever.

We specialise in helping out with the best-looking buses and depending on the number of people who would be boarding it. While contributing to the best hens night out in Sydney, we are always in demand where we like to pep up the party and fun mood right from the time you step into the bus. We help out with the following services that are known to make us famous.

Girls having fun at hens night out in Sydney
  • Customised pickup and drop facilities for the girls
  • Classy interiors to complement the mood
  • LED lights/Laser Lights to complete the party mood
  • Karaoke machine
  • Hi-Fi Surround Sound System
  • Customised music as requested by you
  • Dancing poles to pep up the quirky mood
  • Trained driver to ensure your safety
Our Credentials

We are known to prepare you for the party mood while you travel to your venue. While you are equipped with a dance floor on wheels, you wouldn’t feel bored or left out where you get to let your hair loose while having fun to the fullest with the girls posing as the best companions.

Our rates depend on the time span that you hire us for, the location you intend to travel to and the services that you avail while travelling. If the return time exceeds what was initially planned on, you are likely to receive an added surcharge with your invoice.

So, the next time you intend to conduct a hens’ party for your friends, give us a call, and we would be happy t help you with the best quote.

You Deserve the Best

When you are going out for a hens night out at a top drawer location such as Sydney you want the experience to be as good as possible, one you can hold on to for the rest of lives, or at least till the next such occasion that you are invited to. After all it is not every night that you go out for such parties and that is all the more reason as to why you should make it as special as you can.

This is where we can play such a role by providing you the ideal vehicle for an occasion that is as important as a hens night out in Sydney. We also aim to provide you each and everything else that can help you enjoy the occasion to the fullest. We will provide all the comfort and amenities that you would need in order to make sure that this one is an experience that lasts with you for a really long time and that too for the right reasons.