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Terms & Conditions
1. To confirm any booking a deposit/security bond is required. By paying this Deposit/bond you automatically agree to the terms & conditions set out below. 2. Any phone, email and txt mgs correspondence is deemed same as a legal signed document. 3. Cancellation Charges:
  • Cancelling a confirmed and paid booking less than 24 hours prior to your pickup booking scheduled time, will result in a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total booking price.
  • Cancelling a confirmed and paid booking more than 24 hours prior to your pickup booking scheduled time, will result in a cancellation fee equal to holding deposit
  • .
4. Refund of Security Bond/ Deposit: The booking deposit automatically becomes your damage bond, once paid. At the end of the tour the vehicle will be checked by the driver. It will be you’re the customer responsibility to visit our website on into the bond refund form and complete the questionnaires with your bank account detail and bond will be refunded within 5 working days providing no damage and terms & conditions are met. 5. Payment is due in full prior to boarding unless agreed to be paid 3 days in advance via credit card or direct deposit into Jono’s party bus bank account. 6. Inspection prior to departure is suggested. Board bus alone pay your charter fee and inspects bus for any damage. Any damage caused during charter will be your responsibility. 7. Cleaning fee up to $100 will be charged at the driver’s discretion if the bus is left in an untidy state. There are bins supplied please assist by using them. Vomit will warrant automatic loss of bond. 8. BYO Alcohol is permitted maximum of 2 drinks per guest. Under no circumstances should any glass items be brought onto the bus. All drinks should be in plastic or cans. We do not take any responsibility for any injury if you are held accountable for any glass brought onto the bus without our knowledge. 9. Jono’s party bus encourages and enforces sensible alcohol consumption at all times.If any passengers are deemed too intoxicated or causing a disturbance they can be asked to leave the vehicle and if given the option to travel home by taxi or other means do so at their own expense or may immediately terminate the entire tour at the discretion of the Driver. In this instance and immediate loss of entire bond will apply. 10. Damage where the vehicle is damaged by the hirer or your guests we receive the right to cancel the charter immediately and if deemed necessary, all bond may be kept. If you the hirer and your guests cause excessive damage loss of bond will resolved. The Jono’s party bus will take reasonable action to recover all costs incurred. An invoice will be sent to the Hirer for any additional costs with 7 day payment terms. Failure to pay this amount may result in debt collection, and further legal proceedings may commence. As the hirer you will be responsible for all debt collection fees, interest charges and any other expenses incurred in the recovery of these monies. No standing jumping or dancing on bus seats loss of bond and a $200 per damaged seat will or occur. 11. Smoking State Law prohibits smoking on passenger vehicles. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the bus with no refund provided 12. Unforeseeable Events: Traffic Mechanical failure, street access and other conditions are unpredictable. If your vehicle does not arrive as expected we will not be held liable. 13. Responsibility: As the hirer of the chartered vehicle, you are responsible for your guest’s actions and compliance to the terms and conditions. The driver is within their legal rights to evict any individual or all persons at any time at their discretion if you or your guests are causing a disturbance, deemed to be acting in a manner that could cause the vehicle to have an accident, unruly behaviour, are heavily intoxicated, or acting in a manner that the driver feels is inappropriate at their discretion, no refunds will be given, and an automatic loss of the entire bond will occur. 14. Waiting time: At times where the bus is made to wait due to you or your group you will be charged at $200 per hour rounded up in 15 minute increments ($50). This fee also applies to additional stop offs at the end of night. (E.g. McDonalds on the way home) Should this waiting exceed your bond, or where you have already lost your bond you may be required to pay extra in cash or via credit card to continue the night. If prior agreement has been made this clues will not apply. 15. Teen Fun Bus and Kids Party Bus Tours Adult Supervision: Suitable Adult supervision must be provided as instructed by Jono’s party busstaff. The number of adults is dependent on the number of passengers. The driver cannot supervise any group other than carry out his responsibility under the Transport of NSW Act. 16. Behaviour: The throwing of objects out of windows, passengers must keep all body parts inside the bus at all times, fighting, rioting or vandalism to personal property or property of The Operator, anti-social behaviour will generally result in the passenger/s immediate termination from the tour, or in certain circumstances the cancellation of the entire tour. No refunds will be given and an immediate loss of entire bond will apply. Any additional costs will be at their own expense e.g. taxi fares. 17. Lost Property we take no responsibility for any items left on our buses, but any items that are found will be kept in our office for seven days for safekeeping. After this period, we reserve the right to donate or dispose of the items accordingly. 18. Photos: Sometimes we have a host on the bus who takes photos or video. These photos are published on our web site or social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. If you do not want these photos to be published on our web site or social media you must advise us prior to the event, during the event or after the event following your party. If you do not like any or all of your photos that are published, let us know and they will be removed. 19. Payments: Bond payments must be received in advance before we confirm your booking. Payments for the Job must be made upon arrival in cash prior to service allowing you to collect from your guests. All payments can be made in advance via: 1.Visa or MasterCard (over the phone). 2. Pay anybody Bank Transfer. 3. Direct over the counter bank deposit or “Last minute” guests are more than welcome and ourstaff will provide you the different paymentoptions. Electronictransfers carry no charge and must reach us by the due date. Payments made by Credit Card incur a small additional 1.5% Surcharge